Super easy to keep scores

Upsi is an innovative disc golf app that can be downloaded and used for free on iOS and Android. It revolutionizes the disc golf experience with features like course locator, real-time scorekeeping, and a vibrant community platform. Designed to connect players and elevate their game.

Taking score is extremely simple with a single touch! Anyone of your group can mark the score for a fairway. Scorecard works online and offline. No need to register to the app, but after registration you can see your game history and chat with friends.

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Plan games, chat and share live scores with friends

Upsi makes discing so easy! And it is completely FREE to use!

Send a message and agree together on course and time. You don’t have to reach out to each of your disc golf buddies individually. One message to reach them all at once. Never miss a round!

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Find courses all over the world

All disc golf parks are shown on a map making it easy to start a new game on the nearest course or discover new courses on the fly.

There are over 3000 courses all around the world! If the nearest disc golf park is not yet featured, you can add it yourself and contribute to the social community of players.

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Keep history and stats

Keep all your games and scores safe online where they can be found anywhere any time!

You can return to the scorecards of your favourite rounds or check out the scores "from that one time". When did you last play together and where - easy to find out.

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Unlock all the features with Upsi Black

Upsi Black features are only available for subscribers. Newest addition is the ability to play private games that only participants can see and get notifications.

Also different game modes like doubles, choice of main color of the app and throw distance measuring. Finally, a unique profile image frame shows that you are supporting Upsi development and highlights your premium status to your friends.

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